Take The Heartache Out Of Letting Go Of Things During A Nursing Or Retirement Home Transition

There may come a day in which your aging parents can no longer live on their own. When this time comes, you will face many challenges. One of these challenges being clearing out your parents' home. Your parent may be able to take some of their things with them to a nursing or retirement home, but many of the things in their home will need to be divided among the family, sold, donated or thrown away. Read More 

Wood Chips For Natural Solutions

Wood chips are the unsung heroes of Eco-friendly gardeners and landscapers everywhere. These handy bits are created when wood chippers are used to clear out damaged or dead fall trees. Using them is a fabulous way to recycle Mother Nature. If you have chosen to live in ecological harmony with the world, using wood chips is an excellent way to begin: Mulch Wood chips make an excellent mulch for your garden. Read More 

Four Ways To Add Beauty To Unattractive Retaining Walls And Landscaping Features

Most homes are not on perfectly flat terrain. This is why landscaping features like retaining walls may be used to landscaping when a home is built. This can be to create level areas for building, as well as for things like utilities, drainage, and flood control. Sometimes, you cannot do much about the features that you have on your property. If you have to keep the structures, you can do things to make them more attractive. Read More 

Major, Secondary, And Micro-Nutrients: Signs Of Deficiency

Synthetic plant foods contain chemical nutrients to quickly add necessary nutrient to deficient soil and plants. Chemical fertilizers are an inexpensive way to help your plants produce bigger and better foliage, flowers and fruit. They contain a mixture of major, secondary, and micronutrients, so you can give your plants and soil exactly what they need. Understanding each nutrient and its signs of deficiency can help you choose which nutrients your gardens are lacking. Read More