Bulk Landscape Stone Shipments

Landscape stones that are shipped in bulk quantities can be delivered directly to the address where the materials will be used. Learn how a supplier packages and stores products. Then prepare for the delivery of the items that you have ordered to enhance your garden or another part of your property.

Landscape Stones

Landscape stones are collected from quarries. After stones are mined, they are shipped directly to customers. Some stone products may be shipped to manufacturing plants and warehouses. If a quarry does not have a feasible way to cut, polish, and weigh materials, the products that are mined may be sent to a third-party plant or warehouse. Once they arrive at the new location, the stones will be processed. Stones go through a classification process prior to being packaged and shipped to customers.

Product Packaging

A supplier will bag or box stone products that are being sold in bulk. They will label each individual container that is filled with stones. The labeling will indicate the stone variety and quantity that is within each bag or box. If a supplier will be shipping out a large number of stone products, they may palletize the stones.

Palletizing the stones will ensure that all of the stones remain together while they are in transit. Palletizing products helps regulate freight costs. The use of pallets also minimizes the amount of damage that will occur while bulk stones are being moved from point A to point B.

Transport Vehicles

Bulk stone products may be stored inside of a freight truck, a cargo van, or an enclosed trailer. Because bulk shipments are heavy, the use of a liftgate may be necessary. The liftgate allows a transport operator to safely lower the landscape stones from the cargo area to the ground. 

Freight Communications

A customer may receive a phone call from the freight company that will be responsible for delivering bulk landscape stones. Communicating with a customer will ensure that a freight truck driver knows the exact location where stone products need to be delivered.

A freight truck driver may require a customer to be on the receiving end when a stone shipment is due to be delivered.

Stone products will need to be lowered onto a flat surface. If a customer's land isn't flat, the freight truck operator may request to drop off the stone products in a driveway or along the curb that borders a customer's property. Placing the stones on a flat surface will keep the stone products stabilized.

Reach out to a local supplier, such as Southridge Farm and Nursery, to learn more.