Choose A Topsoil Product For Planting Purposes

Topsoil makes up the upper level of the Earth's surface. This layer contains minerals, organic matter, water, and air. If erosion has depleted topsoil and an inadequate layer of soil is available for planting purposes, purchasing a commercial topsoil product and mixing it in with the natural dirt that is already present will level out the ground and provide the nutrients needed for healthy growth.

The Current Conditions

Natural topsoil will be a darker hue than the layers that are underneath it. This is due to the dead organic material that is part of the soil's composition. Varying degrees of composition will influence the shade of the soil. Sand, silt, and clay are three of the main components that topsoil is made of.

The amounts will be reflective on whether the soil possesses a dark, earthy tone or one that is more reddish in appearance. Assess your property and choose a favorable location for the addition of a garden. Small furrows in the land or deep crevices that indicate that soil has shifted will require the addition of topsoil.

Soil Products

Potting and gardening soil are two products that are designated for small-scale projects, including growing plants in containers, flower beds, and moderate-sized gardens. Both of these soil types may include fertilizer, composting materials, and organic ingredients. Topsoil that is sold commercially tends to be sold in larger-sized bags than other soil products.

Topsoil is graded, based upon its composition. A premium product will contain fertilizer, sand, clay, silt, and organic materials. A product like this will be easy to till. A general-purpose product will contain a mixture of natural and manufactured topsoil and may have some downgraded premium materials added to it. An economy product will contain lower quality soil that is mixed with crushed or crumbled mineral materials.

The Introduction Of New Soil

The introduction of new topsoil requires adding a layer of soil that is several inches thick and combining it with the soil that is already on the ground. A good topsoil layer should be thick enough to support the roots of crops that will be growing within a garden. A hand or power tiller can be used to mix the soil into the soil that is already present. During this process, the soil will be aerated. This will aid in retaining water that is used to hydrate crops that are growing in the garden.

Reach out to a professional for more information about topsoil