2 Things To Think About When Buying Flagstone For Your Yard’s Pathways

Whether you are creating pathways from scratch or you want to cover your current dirt or gravel pathways, flagstone is the perfect material to utilize. It's beautiful, it is easy to maintain, and it's sure to optimize your yard's eye appeal overall. Here are a couple of important things to think about before buying flagstone for your yard's pathways:

Finding a Source

One of the most important things to think about before buying your flagstone is where you will source it. You can always go to a local home improvement store to source it, but doing so could be a costly mistake. Finding a stone supplier to work with will likely save you both money and time when all is said and done.

A supplier sources their flagstone in bulk, unlike the typical home improvement store that purchases and stocks only a limited amount at any given time. Buying in bulk brings the purchase price down quite a bit, and the savings a supplier enjoys when buying in bulk is passed on to their customers.

You can expect to pay a little less for each piece of flagstone you buy from a supplier than if you were to buy from a retailer. And a supplier can provide you with expert advice and guidance to help ensure that you make the right investment decisions for your specific circumstances and expectations.

Creating a Design

You should also think about the design you want to create on your pathways before buying any flagstone so you don't end up buying the wrong size, cut, or color. If you don't already have a design in mind, you might find that the stone you buy just doesn't look right on your pathways for whatever reason.

Consider using cardboard stencils to create a design on your pathways before buying any stone. Then place different color swatches on the pathway as if they were stone to figure out what colors of flagstone to buy. Or purchase a few sample pieces of flagstone from your supplier and place them on your pathways to get a feel for the different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes that are available to you. This should help ensure that you purchase the right flagstone the first time around so you don't end up having to return it.

Take the first step of visiting a trusted stone supplier today to learn more about what your options are and to get a price list to take home and study.