4 Lighting Ideas That Will Help Bring Your Landscaping To Life

Adding some lighting to your landscape will help bring your yard to life and make it possible to spend some quality time outside even when it happens to be dark. There are so many lighting options available on today's market that it can be tough to figure out what kind of lighting you should incorporate into your landscaping. Here are a few lighting ideas that are sure to help bring some new life to your landscaping:

Hang Some Fairy Lights

To add a little sparkle to your yard so you can see the gardens and comfortably sit around your patio table, you can simply hang some fairy lights on the trees in your yard. Fairy lights come in a variety of colors, but they are small in size, so they won't be easily noticed during daylight hours. However, when you light them up at night, your yard will twinkle and light up just enough to see where you're going and what you are doing. This lighting option can help set the mood for a romantic night with your loved one or a laid-back barbecue with your family and friends.

Light Your Pathways Up

If you just want to make sure that people can safely get around your yard at night, you can light all of your pathways up with small solar lights. Choose the solar lights that come with stakes so you can just stick them into the ground near your pathways. During the day, your solar lights will collect power. As the sun goes down, the lights will automatically turn on, and as the sun comes back up, they'll turn off. This means you can expect to enjoy a completely hands-off lighting experience.

Create a Party Atmosphere

Whether it's a kid's birthday party or a fun Hawaiian-themed luau, you can create a party atmosphere in your yard by installing some torches along the perimeter. You can install stand-alone torches that are powered by butane, but you will have to keep each torch filled with butane fluid and manually light them when you want to use them. Or you can install propane or electric torches that connect to the same base power system, so when you want to turn the torches on or off, you can just flip a switch.

Highlight Your Favorite Areas

Installing spotlights on your home will allow you to highlight only certain areas of the yard when it gets dark outside. You can install motion-sensing lights that will come on when someone wants to walk from the house to the driveway or through the backyard to a storage shed. Or you can manually turn your spotlights on to illuminate your barbecue area or your gazebo.

Contact your landscape lighting provider to learn more about other lighting options that might be available to you.