Wood Chips For Natural Solutions

Wood chips are the unsung heroes of Eco-friendly gardeners and landscapers everywhere. These handy bits are created when wood chippers are used to clear out damaged or dead fall trees. Using them is a fabulous way to recycle Mother Nature.

If you have chosen to live in ecological harmony with the world, using wood chips is an excellent way to begin:


Wood chips make an excellent mulch for your garden. At least two months before you plan to plant, cover your soil with a deep layer of wood chips. This layer will promote water retention and increase the fertility of the soil. It also attracts and protects earthworms, who live to improve the quality of your garden by virtue of their manure, otherwise known as vermicomposting. When you are ready to plant, you will have a plot of rich and ready soil waiting for you.

Erosion Control

If you have a patch or two in your yard where the soil is eroding, consider using wood chips as a temporary fix. Instead of waiting to do anything until you can afford a long-term and more expensive solution, you can lay down layers of wood chips to slow the soil loss and protect your yard. This action will buy you time until you have formulated another plan.

Play Areas

If you have a children's play area in your yard, consider using wood chips as a natural protective layer instead of the crumb rubber that is used on many playgrounds. Crumb rubber may be exposing children to some serious chemical levels, so play it safe and use wood chips instead. They provide the cushion to protect active  kids from injury and help prevent skidding. You do need to check the play area regularly to see if the chips need to be replaced.


Finding affordable wood chips for sale is easy. Any discount store with a gardening section has a healthy supply of them already bagged for you and priced at a few dollars per bag. Other suppliers will have you bag your own for as little as five dollars a cubic yard. If you have your own wood chipper, then you are really in business. You could actually sell your own chips and make a little cash.

If you prize living in harmony with your surroundings, using wood chips for gardening and other tasks is a good choice for you. They serve multiple purposes and are safe and inexpensive. Plus, you are recycling trees in the most natural of ways. Find yourself some wood chips for sale and get going on your next outdoor project.

To learn more, contact a company like The Bushel Stop with any questions you have.