Four Ways To Add Beauty To Unattractive Retaining Walls And Landscaping Features

Most homes are not on perfectly flat terrain. This is why landscaping features like retaining walls may be used to landscaping when a home is built. This can be to create level areas for building, as well as for things like utilities, drainage, and flood control. Sometimes, you cannot do much about the features that you have on your property.

If you have to keep the structures, you can do things to make them more attractive. Here are some projects that you may want to consider to make those unsightly landscaping features a little more attractive:

1. Integrating Water Features To Cover Landscaping Features

Water features can be a great way to hide unattractive landscaping structures. If you are trying to hide a retaining wall, this can be a great place to add waterfalls and aquatic plants.  If the upper area of a retaining wall is in a sunny area and not in plain sight, you can even add solar powered pumps to power the water features that you add to cover the wall.

2. Adding Natural Cover To Block Retaining Walls With Lattice And Plants

Sometimes, retaining walls may just be made of plain concrete blocks. This is something that can be unsightly, but adding plants to the wall can make it look more like an wall made of plant life. Lattice can easily be added to the walls and give climbing plants something to grow on, and cover the wall.  If you want a solution that will last all year, you may want to choose different types of evergreen shrubs to do this with.

3. Using Structures For Seating And Planting Areas For The Garden

Another great solution for unsightly retaining walls is to use it for things like seating and planters in your garden. If you want to have a quiet place to read a book, this can be a great way to create a quiet area in your garden. The seating and planters will help to give you a practical solution for the unsightly addition to your landscaping.

4. Creating Outdoor Entertaining Space Around The Structures

If you want to have an outdoor entertainment area, unsightly landscaping structures can be great foundations for these projects. You can use them for things like an outdoor cooking area, and add decorative retaining wall covering to the areas of the walls that remain exposed.  This is a great way to add outdoor living space to your home, while covering the unsightly features you want to mask.

These are some of the things that you may want to do to your landscaping to make it a little more attractive. If you need help adding more attractive designs to your landscaping structures, contact a landscaping design service to get the help you need with these improvements. To learn more, contact a company like McDonald Garden Center with any questions or concerns you have.